Pettagz has been involved in the pet identification industry for some 20 years, starting in a small unit in Essex gradually increasing in size over the years.

Pettagz Started off by engraving the odd pet tag for customers in amongst their general engraving business and realised that no one was able to engrave while you waited and people went away disappointed.

Not any more!

Pettagz now exhibits at all the major shows and is expanding all the time. We have been at Crufts for three years and are booked for 2007, our fourth year.

We have been invited to attend various other types of show also e.g. The Edinburgh horse of the year show, Dorset county dog show (The biggest dog show in the west country), are just two of the many that have invited us.

We currently have over 120 different types and styles of tag to choose from and we have just released our new range produced to our own design and specifications. Designed by our own in house designer, Debbie, we believe that these are the best pet tags on the market.
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